About me…

In 5 words, how would you describe yourself?

Jilly: My immediate instinct was to do this in a negative fashion which probably says a lot more about me than whatever words I choose. I’ll go off what other people tend to say, which is usually things like “kind”, “funny”, “empathetic”, “worrier” and of course I can’t leave “sassy” off the list!


You’ve described yourself in 5 words, but what was your nickname growing up? Do you still have the same nickname?

Jilly: I’ve nearly always had some kind of jelly-related name, especially “Jillybean”, which seemed to stick, and all of the kids that I used to work with always called me “Jelly”! Some of my close friends and family have given me cute nicknames but I think I’d prefer to keep those secret!


Your greatest memory as a kid

Jilly: I’ve probably got millions of memories because my mum was some kind of super single mum and made sure we did allsorts, including visiting safari zoos where monkeys ate bits of our car! But I have to admit, I look back really fondly on time spent with my late Nan, especially when she used to let me watch WWE, do roly polys off her couch onto a pile of pillows and eat cottage cheese on digestive biscuits. I could completely be myself and laughed until I cried. That and all the times I used to dress up as a princess with my friends!


How does it feel being an adult? Do you wish you were still a kid?

Jilly: Honestly? I change my mind about this one every single day. I think when I was 13 I figured by the time I reached 21 I’d have a lot more things in order – which I definitely don’t! Sometimes I do miss the carefree side of being young and the excitement for what might happen in the future. But with age comes freedom – I care less about what people think, I like the way I look for the first time in years, I can drive myself to my friends whenever they need me, I buy what I want/need with money I’ve worked for and I’ve finally learned how to get ready in under 30 minutes!


Do you think you feel older or younger?

Jilly: I’ve always been old-headed, hence why my teenage years were filled with politics and learning. But I don’t mind, I’m the mothering type so if I can take care of you I will and I’m happiest when I’m helping someone. But see me in Disneyland Paris or at the Zoo and you’d think I was 8 all over again!!


What are you most looking forward to in the next few years?

Jilly: I hate to sound full of clichés but I can’t even begin to tell you how different my life is now compared to 1 year ago. A few things have happened that I thought never would, I’ve met people who changed my life and I’ve done things I wasn’t sure I could, so I have no idea what to expect in the future! And that’s probably the most exciting part…


You turn 30 and you decide to move to your dream location. Where would this be?

Jilly: Well I’ve always wanted to live in Spain – it’s my “home away from home”, (although after my trip to Australia, I wouldn’t mind Byron Bay!). But to be completely honest it would be wherever my favourite people are. My mum once taught me a quote that is ‘Adventure takes you all over the world, but love always brings you home’.


Your favourite place in the world

Jilly: Another question that’s got me stumped! To be honest there’s no way I could pick just one! There’s a gorgeous town in Spain called Tossa De Mar where I once sat on the beach at 2am with my best friend, listening to the sea come in and putting the world to rights. There’s a night club in Byron Bay called Cheeky Monkeys where there’s no dance floor, just tables that you get up and dance on! There’s an apartment just off the Royal Mile in Edinburgh that’s beautiful and not too far from a gorgeous tea shop that has an Alice In Wonderland type theme and is covered in roses. And then there’s Paris…there is always time for Paris!


You have 1 day to complete your bucket list…what would you complete 1st?

Jilly: Oh man, this one is tough! I’ve never been good at setting big goals, I’m just pretty happy if I can take a good selfie once in a while. I guess at a time like that my main focus would be on telling those who I love just how much I adore them, forgiving those who I had trouble with and saying sorry to those who I’d annoyed. Life has taught me that it’s so important to be honest about how you feel and never go to bed on a bad note. So I’d probably get everyone together and have a massive party – we can dance, drink prosecco and eat chicken nuggets!


1 interesting fact about yourself

Jilly: Ah now this one, I really have nothing for! So I’ll just give you a couple of facts and you can decide if any of them are interesting!

  • I haven’t got a sense of smell, I can’t remember ever having one!
  • I’ve done some form of dancing since I was little, ballet, street and even belly dancing at one point!
  • I was once Mayor for the Day, representing Wigan.
  • I’ve got size 3 feet so I live in kid’s shoes; I once wore my 5 year olds nephews boots!
  • I make excellent chocolate brownies!


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