Dear 16 year old me…

I’m writing this because last night it seemed like a good idea. First things first, I still have no idea how to ‘adult’ so you can get that out of your head straight away.

You’re about to go to college, you made the right decisions, there will be some hiccups but nothing that will change your life, so try to remember that when you’re crying over a bad test result. You’ll meet new people and try all sorts of things, including vodka jelly – what a time to be alive, that stuff is great. You will dress awfully (but to you its cool) embarrass yourself with boys and learn that not all friendships last. But you will go to amazing house parties (including the one with the hot tub – which you’ll forever be grateful you didn’t get in), dance in the canteen and have dominos actually deliver pizza to your class room.

You’ll get your first proper job after college, the friends you make there will help you get your next few jobs, so be on time, be helpful and always be kind.

I’d like to say that by now you’ve decided what you want to be, but whilst ‘Full Time Mermaid’ isn’t an available post (yet) you’re still making it up as you go along.

You will work with some of the most amazing people, people who will challenge you and encourage you to grow and do things you never thought you could. You will also work with people who drive you up the wall, make you tear your hair out and even cry, but now we can look back on (most of) those moments and laugh. You will have lots of ‘summers of a lifetime’, you’ll dance with friends, play hide and seek, have some of the best work parties and flirt with more guys than ever before (especially the footballers, remember the footballers?!)

You will injure yourself in the workplace around 100 times and 80% of the time it’s your fault – on the plus side you will become excellent at First Aid and some of the more serious ones will teach you how to handle a crisis calmly. Plus you’ll get a nifty scar and walk with a limp for a few months, we can call it pirate chic.

You’ll wear more fancy dress than you can imagine and at one point you will perform a made up dance routine, dressed as an elf, to a room full of French exchange business partners.

Now for the less fun stuff;

Unfortunately you will waste 3 years of your life on the boy you are currently at the age of 16 dealing with, if nothing else you must take from it that nothing is ever black and white, things happen for a reason and like mum says ‘you keep going until you can’t’.

It isn’t your fault it ended, you are good enough.

You’ll have your heart properly broken 2 more times after this one, and bruised millions of times. One will teach you how to be strong, to trust your gut and the other? Well I’m still working that one out.

You are going to go through some extremely hard circumstances, that will push you, but you have the most supportive network around you. Plus you will look back and be amazed that you survived all that.

You will lose friends and you will gain friends. Not everyone can stay around forever.

Unfortunately as you grow close with some family you will move further from others, but you will realise truly what family means when you become an adopted Auntie to two beautiful boys, when your close older friend makes you their adopted Grandchild and the best friend to many. Ps. Try not to shout at your mum so much – not cool girl, not cool.

The family you gain through work will hold your hand through some of the toughest times and make you laugh till you cry. Always look after them.

But tough times aside, you’re life is constantly growing;

Right now, travel seems a million miles away from any of your plans, but one day you will go to Australia – alone (I know, I can’t believe it myself). I’m afraid you won’t really tan and there are no Australian hunks whisking you away in this version but you will get happily drunk off vodka jelly (see, you never get over it) and feel amazing. Plus you’ll develop a good taste for white wine.

You also have some of the best friends in the world, who will laugh with you in the rain as you hunt for your festival tent, take you for cocktails when your sad, push you in the gym or to be brave on the trampolines, visit art galleries with you and be impressed with your foodie skills.

You will eventually find your style, and learn how to dress, do makeup and feel confident. You’ll have a fantastic spell where you go out every Friday for 2 months, the people you meet on these nights will make memories and stories to last a lifetime (as well as some incredibly awkward ones).

It’s on one of these nights out that you will meet Him, the one you adore in the here and now at 22. So be brave little one, don’t let those who have convinced you that you aren’t enough stop you. Put your trust in someone else, it’s the only way to learn (plus if nothing else He makes a mean roast dinner).

And that takes us to today;

I wish I could tell you that the rest of your story is filled with happiness but I’m still writing it.

Take care,

J x


**Picture from Pinterest**


  1. You can feel the emotion put into this Jilly.

    We’ve known each other for a few months and even though, you don’t believe in yourself, I know there’s a mini Jilly waiting to burst out.

    Don’t forget you’re amazing Jilly and the world is your oyster. Own it! xx

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  2. Oh my gosh, this genuinely fills my heart with warmth, I absolutely loved reading this & clung on to every word! Your personality shines through & I love your way of writing (I’m sorry, I sound like a teacher, I know!) This is such a genuine, nice post, it’s crazy how much things change but everything always happens for a reason, I’m so glad everything worked out for you & all the bad had to happen so you could find the good! I loved this post, when I wrote my letter to my younger self I found it almost therapeutic! Thank you for sharing, hopefully things are going to get even better!:D xx

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    • Ah thank you so much!! I wasn’t sure about this post but I’m so glad you like it! I found it quite therapeutic too, especially being able to look at the good things. It’s been a tough year but hopefully things in 2017 will be on the up! Thank you again ❤️ xx

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