My top 5 places to eat in Deansgate!

If you’ve read some of my earlier blogs, you’ll have noticed I’m a bit of a foodie (AKA – I like to eat !). I love trying new and quirky places to eat as well as trying unusual food, its one of the few things that even anxiety can’t stop me from doing.

Over the last couple of months I’ve been to some fantastic places across Manchester, so I thought I’d blog about a couple of them, so that you can go and try them for yourselves!

For this particular blog I’ve stayed around the Deansgate area – I’ll  save all the amazing places around Northern Quarter for another time. I’ve put all their Twitter handles so you can follow them all for the latest offers and fantastic treats/events.

Whether you want fries, Greek food or more cake than you would find on an episode of Bake Off, here are my current top 5!


Cloud 23


Perched high above the clouds in the Hilton on Deansgate, Cloud 23 is total luxury – which you can tell from the prices! We went as a one-off to try their Science-themed Afternoon Tea, which came with test tube shots, pipettes in our macaroons, and other science based treats. Sadly this themed ‘tea’ is off menu at the moment, but you can still enjoy a traditional afternoon tea or cocktails with an insane view, and they have announced that they are doing a ‘Pink and Purple’ theme, donating £5 from each one to fight Breast Cancer. So all the more reason to go!

B.EAT Street 


Travelling further down the road to Great Northern Warehouse, this place is a MUST VISIT. I first went when it was based inside the Warehouse and as soon as it got its own place, I knew I had to go. No regrets at all, with lots of mini street food restaurants to try (including the amazing @BigGrillieStyle)and fab cocktails, this is THE place to try…and it’s reasonably priced too! Plus they now hold a party night on the last Friday of every month!

Home Sweet Home GN


Also based in the square near Great Northern Warehouse (although they have one in Northern Quarter too!) this fantastic restaurant even has a ‘Gin Garden’ outside (the top picture of me, shows with one of their giant gin glasses!). With treats like fantastic loaded fries, an abundance of cocktails and shakes, there is plenty of choice and definitely worth a visit… or two.



On the opposite side of the road is one of my favourite places -Dimitris, a lovely little Greek restaurant that has lots of fantastic offers, meaning you can enjoy some delightful mezes on most budgets. It even has the a nice little indoor courtyard complete with check table cloths and heaters to give you that feeling of being on holiday. My tip -try the halloumi!

Milk Jam


Now on Oxford Street, this is the place to go to for cake and sweet treats. From the creators of Lush Brownies, Gingers Comfort Emporium Ice Cream and Bakeorama comes this amazing pop-up desert bar. Get huge slices of cake, funky flavoured milkshakes and brownies to die for. Hurry up though as it might not be there forever!

So there it is, just a small selection of some of my top suggestions to eat around the Deansgate area. I hope you enjoy trying them as much as I’ve enjoyed eating there!

Why not tweet me on @ASoSblog with some of your recommendations?

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