Why you should ignore those who doubt you.

Six weeks ago, I braved the rain and attend my first proper dance class in around 6 years. It was dark and raining and I was absolutely terrified.

But after 10 minutes, I’d completely forgotten what I had to be nervous about and I haven’t looked back since. In fact, even missing a class feels weird.  We have a laugh and work together as a team, not really caring if we mess up as we all just laugh it off.

I’ve always loved dancing but, after some bad experiences with negative teachers and general low confidence in the subject, I put it off.

As I drove home from my latest class, I discussed confidence with my dance teacher and why each of us have our own stories that led us to attend.

It was then that I realized how important it is to do things that you love, despite what people think of you or of it. I might not be the best dancer, but I love it.

So whatever your passion, your secret dream or even just something that sparks an interest, don’t let what other people say or think put you off.

Sometimes you need to face your demons when they tell you that you aren’t as good as someone else or that you can’t do it, because nearly 100% of the time they are wrong.

Throughout my life, I’ve had people tell me that I can’t do things – for example, I used to get ridiculed to the point of tears over my baking, to the point I nearly stopped all together – something that I regret and hope to soon kickstart myself back into it.

Please, don’t let potential embarrassment put you off – we simply can’t live on ‘What ifs’. Sometimes when I go to my class, I forget the steps- but we laugh and we start again. Sometimes when I go the gym I can run for ages – other times, I can barely do squats. But I still go, because I enjoy it – so I might not be the best at it, or I might not be the typical ‘fitness’ person or dancer, but that doesn’t make me any different or any worse than those standing around me.

You are so much braver than you might realise – you just have to take that first step. Once you start,  you start to break the fear and you become much more powerful than anyone who tries to bring you down.

So if I can reach just one person and encourage them to pick back up that lost hobby or hidden dream, then I’ll be happy. Whether it’s writing, cooking, designing, photography, fitness or something else,  be brave and don’t let someone else put you off.

We can’t all like each other, nor can we impress everyone – but those who love you should support you. You are an incredible person and if people can’t see that, then they are the ones missing out.



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