My 2016 Roundup!

In the words of Kylie Jenner, 2016 has been ‘the year of realising stuff’. So join me now as I sum up what’s happened to me as well as roundup all my blog posts from the last year.

For me personally it’s been a roller-coaster of a year. It hasn’t been the easiest – starting the year with my trip to Australia (which you can read about here: Kick starting 2016 – My month in Australia! ), which was both the most difficult and most exciting month of my life, then becoming ill with bad anxiety attacks, amongst other things – however I’ve been really lucky to have some really supportive friends and family, who have been there through my darkest moments and have helped pull me through (For some hints on how to help someone you know: Supporting someone with Anxiety; )

But it has taught me a lot, including the importance of self-care and never being afraid to ask for help. Until you’ve felt really low, you don’t always value the importance of looking after yourself, whether that’s by doing pamper nights, saying “no” more often or even just trying to practice The Art Of Doing Nothing. Nothing at all… However that doesn’t mean just never doing anything, it’s more about just celebrating the Little victories. Whether that’s getting up and showering or spending a few hours alone, it’s about facing your fears – big and small – and being proud of yourself for doing it.

Throughout this year I’ve been doing a lot of reflection, looking back at who I was (before I became ill) and looking at how illness and life has shaped me – you can find out more about that in either of these blogs 21 things I’ve learnt whilst being 21. or Dear 16 year old me…. I believe everything happens for a reason and everything I’ve been through will only make me stronger.

Following my visit to Australia, this year has seen me explore London (London 2016 ), Edinburgh (Our Airbnb Edinburgh) , Coventry, Wales, Tenerife and hit up amazing events like the Manchester Spa launch at Cloud 23 and Clothes Show Live 2016!! I also wrote my first Foodie review of one of my favourite towns which you can see here: My top 5 places to eat in Deansgate! and I’m really looking forward to writing more of these, especially reviewing some of  my favourite places to eat within Northern Quarter,

As you can tell, 2016 was the year I set up my blog which was something I wanted to do for a while. I’d been apprehensive and in some ways I still am, but I’ve met some amazing people online and can see the brilliant opportunities that are starting to head my way. So even though I’m still self conscious, I’m slowly learning Why you should ignore those who doubt you.

This year has really seen me try to get to grips with social media to try and support my blog, so as we roundup the year, here’s where you can find me:

In the new year I’d like to develop all these links a lot more so that I can hopefully help more people. I’d also like to develop myself. For those who’ve read my blogs you’ll know I’ve got back into dancing so I’d like to pursue that and I’d also like to develop my Spanish ,which is quite basic but gets me through! I’d like to get back into my healthy ways (How I faced my gym anxiety…), as unfortunately with being ill on and off it has slipped, but I’m ready for the New Year and more importantly a fresh start!

Unfortunately despite a great year of work and professional development (including getting my ILM Level 3 in Volunteer Management), I found out this year that I may be made redundant in March, so I’m not sure where that will leave me or what lies ahead. I’ve been quite lucky with all my jobs since college (Decided not to go to Uni? Now what… ) so hopefully that luck can last a little longer to help me find something!

As you can tell it’s been a mix of a year, with lots of good things but unfortunately some bad.  But throughout the year I’ve tried to be grateful for all the little things and to always look for positives, by filling out my Gratitude Journal every night. So to end my Roundup, here’s just 10 things I’ve been grateful for this year:

  1.  My mum
  2. My family
  3. My friends & my boyfriend
  4. My work colleagues and my volunteers (who I’m proud to manage)
  5. Good food
  6. Counselling/CBT & medication
  7. That I finally learnt how to do my makeup properly!
  8. Days off and time to rest
  9. Holidays & adventures
  10. A new found love of gin !

But there have been many more, so I’ll try to look back on 2016 as a positive, filled with things/people that I love. And so much amazing food!!

And more importantly as the year I faced many fears rather than the year I was ruled by them.

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