Stressed out – Skincare routine

As a naturally anxious person, my skin goes through a lot. With regular breakouts, it’s hard to stay confident and happy. So last year, as part of my self care routine, I started to take a keen interest in how best to look after my skin.

So I’ve tried hard to develop a proper routine, cleansing my skin every day and trialling products to see what works best for me.

My skin isn’t always completely clear, but it,s much more able to bounce back from a breakout and they are becoming much rarer. So I wanted to share with you all some of the top products I’ve been using lately in the hope it might help you.

7th Heaven Blemish Mud

I love, love, love this mask!  Described by 7th Heaven as a special blemish mud blend of Aloe Vera, Willow, Evening Primrose and Witch Hazel.

It’s absolutely perfect for days when my skin is really struggling, especially when it’s feeling quite oily as it seems to dry out the excess oils. I like to use it before a night out or big occasion as it prepares my skin ready for smooth application of my makeup and keeps it nice and soft. I personally put it in the fridge just before use, as the coldness helps tighten up my pores.

It washes off really easy and you can buy them 3 for £2 in many cheaper stores! Plus depending on how much you use, you can usually get two or three goes out of one packet, making it incredibly cost effective.

Lush Grease Lightning

This spot treatment has been my saviour for many years! A simple product described by Lush as an infusion of antibacterial and antiseptic rosemary, thyme and tea tree, as well as antioxidant-rich grape juice and witch hazel.

You don’t need much and it really dries spots up pretty fast, whilst reducing the redness and swelling.

This one is a little bit more expensive at £6.50 a bottle but because you don’t need a lot of it, it lasts for a while. Plus it’s clear when you put it on so you can use it at any time and no-one would notice!

Simple Spotless Skin Anti-blemish Moisturiser

Gosh, that is a long title! But it’s worth it. One of the biggest changes I made was to start using a moisturiser every day, especially an anti-blemish product. It really helps my skin to ‘fight back’ and keeps my skin feeling soft and plumped.

Described by Simple as a perfect blend of antibacterial and moisturising goodness for helping to maintain moisture levels throughout the day whilst giving long lasting shine control. Perfect for even sensitive skin, this one is around £2.50 at Tesco so it won’t break the bank and because of the great coverage it lasts for ages!

I’d also reccomend Freederm Daily Complex moisturiser, it works a treat!

Some other top tips:

  • I know it’s often an overused tip but it’s amazing the difference drinking a lot of water can make, so persevere and you will see the difference.
  • Keep up with taking multivitamins and feed your body lots of healthy treats, like fruit and veg – it will repay you.
  • Make sure to always take your makeup off and cleanse your face everyday – twice a day if you have time.
  • Try your best to go makeup free when you can, but if you’re not feeling confident, invest in a good BB Cream that can help tackle breakouts whilst covering them up.


So let me know if you try any of these products or if you can reccomend any different ones! Confidence is a key player to beating anxiety and being able to feel comfortable in your own skin is just the beginning!





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