My everyday tips for dealing with anxiety;

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We all know that some days are harder than others, with anxiety and depression it often just comes out of no where.

So I just wanted to do a quick post with some of the daily things I try to do to help keep myself strong and if need be, strong enough for battle. They might not work for everyone, but hopefully it might just help to build your resilience for when those bad days hit;

  • Cut down on caffeine – I tend to have decaf tea and decaf coffee 80% of the time, it’s a personal choice but it makes me feel better.
  • Put your game face on. Whether it’s your killer matte lipstick, your fave good bum pants or a swish of highlighter – make yourself feel good, even if it’s just for a few minutes. Remind yourself just how beautiful you even, even on the tough days. 


  • Sing! Every time I feel a dark day approaching, I find some good songs on the radio and turn them up LOUD. Sing the wrong words, sing out of key, it doesn’t matter as long as it gets you smiling.


  • Try to find the good in every day – As you’ll know from my Grateful for the little things in life… article, I always try to find a positive in my day, even if its only teeny tiny. My mum always says ‘Look for rainbows’, so whether its a free cookie in work or just a moment of laughter, find it and hold it near when the darkness strikes.


  • Keep on track with vitamins and healthier eating – I always feel happier when I’ve had some good healthy food and try to take my multivitamins everyday. Anxiety  beats your body hard, so fuel it with the right stuff to help you bounce back quicker. There are strong links between gut health and mental health so give yourself as much care as you can, eat often and eat well – but don’t forget the odd treat!


  • Take care of your skin – As you’ll have seen in my Stressed out – Skincare routine post, its usually my skin that suffers the most when I’m having a bad week, so I try to take care of it as much as I can. That way when a bad episode hits, my skin is a lot stronger and healthier and ready to fight back. Get a good cleanser, a strong moisturiser and a good night cream and you’ll be laughing.


  • Fill your days with things that make you happy – whether its reading a good book, having lunch with friends or just texting a close friend, you deserve to be happy, regardless of what your mental illness might say.


  • Get outside – go for a walk, have a picnic, feel the sun on your face. I try to make the most of my new natural surroundings and get out into it as often as I can. Look up, watch the clouds, listen to the rain.
  • Put trashy tv on. Allow yourself a couple hours where you don’t need to think and you can just switch off and laugh. 
  • Get yourself some flowers. Don’t wait for anyone else, just treat yourself. Remind yourself of simple beauty and put them somewhere where their bright petals can remind you to be happy. 


  • Allow yourself an early night – I always feel awful if I don’t get a good nights sleep but used to feel bad for going to bed early. Now I know which is more important!


  • Remind yourself of what you’ve achieved – Don’t beat yourself up but focus on just how far you’ve come, every little achievement is still a win against your mental illness.


  • Remember that it’s okay not to be okay. You’re allowed a little cry, you’re allowed to text your loved ones and cuddle them even closer if it makes you feel better. Just like you’re allowed to sit alone and read or snuggle up in bed. No one is perfect and no one is happy all the time, so it’s okay to not be okay.


These are just a couple of things that I find help me, but I’d love to hear your tips, pop em below or tweet me on @ASoSblog !

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