British Style Collective 2017

For those of you who know me, I absolutely love Clothes Show Live as you can see from last years post ( Clothes Show Live 2016!! ). So I jumped at the chance to get tickets for my Mum and me, for this years event.

This was the first year it would take place in Liverpool, instead of Birmingham (although I’ve no idea why) and I was sceptical to see how it would work in a brand new venue. They also changed the name, but used the #BSC , which it turns out is a football hashtag, so finding posts from others has been pretty hard! It turns out some people have still been using #ClothesShowLive.

Overall it was a really mixed day, with some elements working really well and some really not. It was quite hard to work out what was happening when because it took place over 4 venues, spread across the city rather than one handy location like Birmingham. However we were greeted with two vouchers for free prosecco, so that made the hassle of getting a bit lost – a lot easier!

We did get a fantastic goody bag with our Deluxe tickets, which was packed with goodies from Brands such as;

  • Nair
  • Carmex
  • Victoria’s Secret
  • Revlon
  • Nip & Fab
  • Umberto Gianni
  • Skin Republic
  • Peanut Hottie (my fave!)

And much more!

And as always the Fashion show was a complete highlight, filled with dancing, great music, amazing clothes and some spectacular staging, it was the perfect end to the day. In fact I’d go as far as the say that the Show made buying the tickets worth while. Did I mention lots of topless male models? Hooray!



One of my favourite things about Clothes Show Live, was the big shopping hall, normally packed with brands offering discount goody bags and even some freebies! So you can imagine my disappointment when we walked into a much smaller, emptier hall. There weren’t as many brands and not as many goody bags, which was a real shame. However Glamour were there, with their bargain bag filled with brands including:

  • Batiste
  • MAC
  • Natural World
  • Balance me
  • Aswell as a years subscription to Glamour, all for £9

There was also a pretty fab Lambrini Bubbles bar, an Elemis Spa bus and brands such as Pixi beauty and Spectrum on show.

However one of the main things I was disappointed in happened when I was asked over to a stall selling Straightners/Curlers. I was really excited to get my hair done and was happy to listen to a bit of hard sell however I was really surprised at what came next!

The sales lady proceeded to straighten one half of my hair, curl the other and then stop. When I commented on the mis match, she said that if I came back and bought the straighteners she’d fix it – then proceeded to ask for £100 for them!

As if that wasn’t enough, I said I would need a little time to think (I clearly don’t have £100 to throw around!) she glared at me before muttering “Oh so it’s all about the money then”. I was gobsmacked!!

However it wasn’t all bad service, a lot of credit must go to Joe from Mark Hill Hair who fixed my hair and was generally amazing! And of course if you’ve been following my twitter, you’ll have seen that I met the amazing Caroline Hirons, which made my day. (See both below)

Overall it was a pretty mixed day, but I’d like to think it was just teething problems with it all being a bit new. I’m honestly not sure whether we will go back again next year, but at least we gave the new venue a try and more importantly we had a good ‘Mama & Daughter’ day, which was very lovely!

If you went to #BritishStyleCollective, let me know how you found it, perhaps you thought this year was the best one yet, maybe we just missed something!


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