You are braver than you feel.

A few days ago I was sat in my car trying to talk myself into getting out and going to meet a friend. It was a tense five minutes filled with a flurry of texts to Himself, crying out about how weak I felt. In those moments I wanted nothing more than to drive home and get in bed, where I wanted to wait until my problems disappeared. But I didn’t.

I got out the car and I spent the day with my friend.

When anxiety and depression hits, it can make you feel weak and fill you with fear. It’s easy to think that you’ve lost all courage and miss out on the points where you have been brave.  So next time you feel low and don’t feel as strong try to look back and think about all the things you were brave enough to do.

Things like:

  • Making that phone call you’ve been dreading to do
  • Reaching out to a friend and asking for help
  • Going to that exercise class that you’ve never been to before
  • Getting up and getting dressed
  • Stepping into a brand new place for the first time

Not every act of bravery needs to be an huge act, its as much about the little things as the bigger things. You should be proud of yourself for every little moment of courage, whether you feel brave at the time or not.

On that day I was ready to give up and head home but I pushed myself and made myself go. I didn’t feel brave at the time but looking back I can see that actually I was.

You’re allowed to not be okay and you’re allowed to make your only achievement of today the fact that you got up and had a shower. There’s no shame in a duvet day or letting yourself off from things.

You are so much braver than you think you are and for every little step you’re only getting braver.

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