Life’s worst kept secret? The power of sleep.

It’s day three of looking after an injured cat who’s been waking like a baby in the night. I’m running low on sleep and therefore I’m running low on patience.

Himself fails to wash up after the third time of asking and all hell breaks lose. 3 hours and a nap later, I can see that it really wasn’t worth the argument – let alone the tears.

Its an over told piece of advice but at the end of the day it’s true. There are few things as good for you as a good nights sleep.

It’s like natures little buffer for all those niggly things that would normally wind you up. It’s amazing how much better I feel once I’ve started catching back up on my sleep but it’s even more amazing how terrible I feel when I miss out on a good nights sleep!

Lack of sleep turns me into Grumpy Girl, who’s only super power is the ability to find something Himself has done wrong without even speaking to him. I’m snappy and sad all the time! So I’m trying hard to keep myself on track and if you’re feeling the same way, you should too.

Here’s some of the things I try to do to get a good nights sleep:

  • Get outside! I try to take a walk throughout the day, not only is it good for me but it keeps me calm and usually helps me sleep better at night. Fresh air and nature are good for you on so many levels!
  • Do yoga. Whether its going to Yogalates or doing some basic moves before bed, it helps mellow me out and makes my body feel super relaxed.
  • Try Headspace. This meditation app always helps me to sleep better (so in hindsight I should use it a lot more!) and helps to set my body ready for sleep.
  • Don’t be afraid to take a Night time Kalms. If my mind is racing then I take a couple of Kalms and it tends to help me slow it down and sleep a little bit deeper. Which in turn makes my mind the night after not quite as busy.
  • Journal. Sometimes it’s a lot easier to sleep if you just empty your mind onto paper. Whether that’s making a to do list so you don’t forget or just writing down all the things that have annoyed/worried you, once it’s out, your mind will be so much quieter and maybe your dreams will too!
  • Don’t be ashamed to have an early night. I go to bed when my body needs me too now. If I miss a TV programme or fall asleep before texting back that’s just life, you can always catch up and your friends will thank you for not being snappy!

You’ve heard it all before and you don’t really need me to tell you this. But at the end of the day, the only person who matters here is you and you deserve to wake up feeling ready to face the day.

I know it’s hard, depression often means that no amount of sleep is ever enough. When I was really ill, I’d sleep all night and wake up feeling as if I’d been out till 6am.

So try to look after yourself and try to find things that work for you – whether its black out curtains or snuggly pjs. Don’t become another Grumpy Girl, there isn’t enough room for more than one!

Tweet me with your best tips for a good nights sleep, who knows – your advice might just make someone’s night.


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