Making everyday an occasion; Inspired by Laura Jane Williams

Everyone who knows me, knows I’m obsessed with self help books, I love reading them – even though I don’t always follow what they advise!

So when I saw Ice Cream For Breakfast, I knew I had to order it. I’ve worked with young people for a big chunk of my life so I can understand a lot of where Laura is coming from!

One of the pieces that stood out to me was the section about ‘making everything an occasion’. The idea that even basic tasks could be more fun if we just make more of a song and dance about them.

So I thought I’d give it go, I started by taking a simple trip out with a friend. Normally I’d wear my basic leggings and a comfy t-shirt, to hide the shame of anxiety bloating. But this time I was determined to make an occasion out of it, so I digged out my ‘princess’ skirt and donned some of my favourite matte lipstick. I felt fabulous – over dressed- but fabulous!

Suddenly I didn’t care about anxiety bloating and even the fear of being in a new place felt duller. Despite it being my first attempt I was hooked on making things an occasion.

I even tried it when cooking mine and Himself some dinner, normally we’d just sit in front of the TV thinking nothing more of it. But for this night, I was making it an occasion, so I put on some make up, set the radio playing so I could sing while I cooked, laid the table and even used the matching plates! I’m normally an anxious cook because I always want to impress, but it felt a hell of lot more relaxed.

I can understand that sounds mad because surely a set table sets a higher standard, but it just made the whole situation more fun. Suddenly as I was singing away, I didn’t care that the rice didn’t look perfect or that we’d had to wait for longer, because I was having fun.

I was making a simple tea, an occasion just for us.

So next time you feel overwhelmed with a task, pop on that lipstick or turn that radio up loud. Don’t be afraid to wear the ‘princess’ skirt to the shops if it makes you feel better. You deserve to make the most out of every occasion.

I know I’ll be trying to do it a lot more and who knows maybe I’ll finally use all those lipsticks I’ve been saving for a ‘special occasion’.

Feeling inspired? You can buy the book here using my Amazon Associate link!

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