Have you heard of the nOCD App?

I absolutely love apps that make your life easier! Whether they track your PMS symptoms, manage your storage or make shopping easier. But there are few apps I love more than ones which help your mental health and make it slightly easier to manage.

So when Mike from nOCD got in touch, I was really keen to bring you all an inside view to this app. He asked if I’d consider sharing some information about the app – It’s designed to support those struggling with OCD, so after my own struggles last year, I knew it was something I wanted to share. I hope that by sharing it, it might go on to help someone.

I downloaded the app myself to have a quick look and I can see how it would be really useful. Personally my OCD lies mainly with intrusive thinking so I can’t fully use the app, but if you struggle with compulsions I think it could really help! So I’ll stop rambling and hand over to Mike…

1) Please can you introduce yourself and your team?

Hi, my name is Mike and I work at nOCD. Each of our team members has personal experience with the current treatment system and we realize how badly change is needed within the industry. It’s very difficult to find a qualified OCD specialist, it’s extremely expensive, insurance doesn’t usually help much for mental health issues, the stigma is so strong, etc. We are determined to continue working hard until there’s a more accessible/affordable way for everyone around the world to receive treatment for OCD.

2) Please can you tell us what nOCD is all about? And how it works?

nOCD is a completely free app that our team has created, with the help of many trained professionals, that offers clinically supported OCD treatment and is proven to help people get better and improve. The app’s functionality digitizes clinically effective OCD therapy with MCBT (mindfulness cognitive behavioral training), ERP, and ACT. We are also adding in a major group feature into the app, which will allow people from all over the world who are affected by OCD to interact with one another. We also have a very strong online community on social media under the @Treatmyocd name where we post helpful OCD related content.

nOCD provides real-time tracking of a wide range of metrics, including time spent doing CBT exercises, anxiety levels during exercises and during general use of the app, location/time of day of OCD episodes, and much more. All your personal information is stored on a HIPPA compliant secure server and we value confidentiality more than anything else.

3) What feedback have you received about the app – are you finding that it is really helping people?

We are constantly going to be working on improving nOCD to make it as useful as we possibly can, but we’ve received great feedback from our users. The SOS feature has really helped people in times of intense suffering and continues to help people get through severe OCD episodes. People love how the app saves/tracks data. It makes it so easy to share evidence based information with your therapist or others who want to learn more. People also love knowing that the app was created by a team of people who care deeply about all of this.


4) Finally what would be your advice for someone struggling with OCD?

To stay positive and mentally strong, no matter how you’re feeling or how much you are struggling. Continue to face your fears and don’t listen to the constant lies the OCD mind tries to send you. In general, just keep trucking along and never let OCD get in the way of making decisions or doing things you want to do in your life.


Thanks Mike! If you haven’t tried the app but after reading this think it might help, why not go download it? Hopefully it will go on to help people struggling with OCD. I know they are in the process of developing the app to cover Intrusive Thinking so I’m looking forward to be able work through some of my own issues.

You can use my affiliate link here; download the app here!

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