It’s a well known cliché that loneliness can strike even in a crowded room. In fact it seems all the more likely that that’s where it will strike. We’ve all been to parties or meetings and barely known anyone, often walking into the filled room feeling as if we are completely on our own.

Its a vast and scary emotion, one that often runs deep.

I am both a lover and a hater of being alone. I love going shopping on my own and I love getting home from work and just having ten minutes me time to process what’s happened that day. I work a really sociable job, where I’m mainly paid to listen to people, so sometimes it nice to just sit in silence and not having to smile!

However I hate going to parties on my own and dread sleeping in an empty house. And I know plenty of people who just outright hate being alone.

But there are benefits to taking some time alone, ‘Psychology Today’ list 6 reasons just in one article; 6-reasons-you-should-spend-more-time-alone and  they are right.

Being alone helps you to work out what you want and what you need and its free time when you can do whatever you want without being judged. I’m talking, eating Nutella with a spoon, watching the ‘trashy’ TV, scrolling social media for 10 solid minutes. You can do whatever you want to do.

It’s a great way to switch off and wind down. Sometimes silence, after a hectic day, can feel like a great comfort.

Being alone can be scary, sometimes I drive back to my flat and it washes over me, I’m gonna be alone all night. I’ll wake with every noise in the night and panic text people just to feel less alone. But it’s always worth it, whether it gets me an early night, or a lie in, whether it means I can binge watch TV or just have a big hot bath. Each time I spend alone brings me back down to earth and helps me to just feel normal again.

It’s more true than ever, that we aren’t really alone, with social media meaning even my friends in Canada are just a click away. So while the thought of being alone might be daunting, you only need to be as alone as you make yourself. Have some me time, but then meet a friend, or schedule a face time with a friend before you hop in the bath.

Allow yourself some alone time, let yourself just feel. Treat yourself kindly and do something you wouldn’t normally do. The world is crazy busy, you deserve some time devoted just to you.

As I’m writing this post, I’m settling in for another night alone. I’ve run a bath and honestly? Yeah I’m feeling a bit lonely; but I know that it will be worth it for an uninterrupted viewing of The Apprentice and more importantly –  I don’t have to share the chocolate bar I bought on the way home!



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