So here’s what I learnt from living alone!

When I knew I was moving from my little flat, I knew I wanted to write this post. After all, the last nine months have been a huge learning curve in so many ways!

I got my new job in February, but by April I knew I need to look for somewhere nearer to work because the commute had got too much. After a few weeks of looking, I found my little flat. It was the perfect fit and ideal for a ‘starter home’.

It boasted grand views and little country lanes to explore. I spend many happy months soaking up the sunshine and feeling incredibly pleased with myself. Unfortunately I had to move in November as I just needed somewhere bigger to be able to build myself more of a life. So I wanted to a quick post to look at some of the things I learnt in my first time living alone! Lets go…


First up, being alone can be awesome!

I absolutely loved spending my nights writing or watching trashy TV. You might have read my post Loneliness and don’t get me wrong, things can be tough when you’re alone but they can also be fantastic. It’s all about getting to know yourself and what you like, without worrying about what anyone else will think. Whether it’s watching re runs of Housewives or just getting in bed at 7pm!


Sometimes you just have to make do!

In my old place, I didn’t have an oven, so I relied fully on the microwave. I quickly became able at making meals out of allsorts, whether it was nachos or baked potatoes. When you live alone, you quickly learn to make resources last longer and make the almost impossible happen, whether that’s stretching out the milk until you can return home to buy more or making a cake with only a microwave.


It’s okay to ask for help

Some nights I hated being alone, some nights I got lost trying to find the nearest store, some nights I spent hours trying to make the heating work. When you live on your own, it’s hard not to want to just do everything yourself. But it’s okay to ask for help, whether it’s getting your parents to help with your shopping or asking your landlord for help working out how to fix things. You’re doing a great job and there’s no shame in asking for some support.


Make sure you always keep some emergency biscuits

Apart from the fact that you always deserve a treat, you just never know who will come to visit or when. Plus, it’s always handy for if you’re feeling down! Always be prepared, whether it’s stocking up on tea and coffee or just always having some treats in – when someone does come to visit you can feel smug and prepared!


However you do still need to invite people!

So some people will invite themselves which is great! But others will wait to be invited, which is okay too, so don’t be afraid to make plans. Invite people round, cook a meal or get a big takeaway feast. Be proud of yourself for getting this place, whether it’s big or small, you did it. So show off!


No matter how minimally you think you live…

When I was getting ready to move to my new place, I boasted ‘Oh I won’t have much to move! I live a really minimal life!’ Oh how wrong I was! On the day I moved between flats, I had well over 8 bags and I’d already taken some bags the week before! So be prepared, when it’s time to move again, you might have more than you think!


And finally, You got this.

Whether it’s opening a stuck jar, defrosting your car for the first time, sowing up holes in your clothes or just getting home late at night and facing the dark. You got this. You’re strong and you’re brave. Yes it’s hard, but you can do it. Every time something goes wrong – just laugh and do it differently next time. Life is scary and sometimes its tough, but you can manage. However if you feel like you can’t, home isn’t that far away and neither are the people who care about you.

You might be living alone but you don’t have to do this alone.




  1. Oh Jilly! This has brought back many memories! I lived alone in a flat in Chester too. I loved it but also had a few ‘ moments ‘ that panicked me. The worst was having a mouse eating my food in the galley kitchen and then getting its tail caught in the trap that the landlord had left! I heard the trap snap shut and then heard it crying one night when I was watching TV . I got very upset and went down to the landlord for help. Fortunately by the time he got upstairs it had escaped! I was so upset and threw the trap in the bin! Also have memories of Monopoly parties at the flat with good food and friends ! Carole x
    Ps great article!

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