My 2017 Roundup!

I can’t believe it’s finally this time of year, yet again. It only seems like five minutes ago that I was writing My 2016 Roundup! But suddenly it’s only a few days from the end of 2017, so it seemed appropriate to end the year with another Roundup.

2017 has been the complete opposite of 2016, in many ways, but mainly in terms of my writing and my work. This has been the year of collaborations, including working with Thrive for the ‘Feel Stress Free’ App Review and my first ever sponsored/ad post with the nOCD team, Have you heard of the nOCD App?. Both were incredibly proud moments in my life, being contacted by these companies, made me feel great pride in my writing. I also worked alongside Matt from Behind a Smile, to promote this fantastic company. Missed it?  Well Meet Matt – from Behind A Smile.

This was also the year, that I would get a permanent job. And the changes that would teach me How being made redundant changed my life.  The changes didn’t stop there, with me moving between two different flats, so here’s what I learnt from living alone! As well as finally learning to tackle the motorway and facing my Driving Anxiety. It was also time for a big change in the world, as we dealt with a General Election, which saw my first (and probably only) political post, Voting for the unknown.

Sadly this year didn’t bring many holidays, but it did still bring adventures, whether that was at British Style Collective 2017 or staying at My Airbnb Chester and watching A Midsummer Night’s Dream at Storyhouse – Chester. It was also the year of lovely little breaks with my family and Himself, whether in Chester or Wales. As well as trips such as Madrid 2017 and London 2017 (Feat. #Glamourbeautyfest )

It wasn’t a perfect year, but as always it taught me things. Including all about ‘Flooding’ – the scenario that might be taking over your arguments , and Storytelling. Are you just adding fuel to the fire? which really changed the way I think. Although nothing changed the way I think, quite like Making everyday an occasion; Inspired by Laura Jane Williams and I’m finally wearing those perfect matte lipsticks!

Living alone has also taught me all about Loneliness. Along with the fact that It’s okay to say what you want.  Which is slowly helping me to improve the way I feel, but I still have problems and sad days. Depression and anxiety always linger, but I’m finally learning ways to help myself. Including Life’s worst kept secret? The power of sleep. I’ve also been trying to share my little tips and ways to help other people, including My everyday tips for dealing with anxiety; , Stressed out – Skincare routine and Looking after what’s important – Self care

This year has brought me a lot, both good and bad. Mainly however, it has brought me fantastic new friends, amazing experiences and fresh starts in my own little home. I’ve danced in butterfly wings, ate birthday cake for breakfast, walked in the sunshine and laughed in the outdoor cinema.

It’s taught me that I can achieve so much more than I ever thought and pushed me to keep going and keep improving. I’m looking forward to working on some personal goals next year and even though I know some sad times may be ahead, there will always be a rainbow shining somewhere.

So from my little home to yours, may I wish you a Happy New Year. I hope 2018 brings you everything you want and need.

Remember, whatever happens, whatever 2018 brings –  You are braver than you feel.



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