Getting out that comfort zone. It’s time to play the game.

I’m in my local game store and the walls are filled from top to bottom with games and consoles. The more I stand there, the more the walls are closing in and all the games are blurring into one. Eventually I hastily pick up three games and run to the till. I ramble at the man serving before laughing at my own joke. As the awkward silence lands, I thank him and leave quickly.

I’m annoyed with myself for how much I struggled with something that should be easy. But it just isn’t my comfort zone. I don’t know those stores, those games. I even less know what all the options and wires are.

Sometimes we have to push ourselves out of our comfort zones to get what we want or even what we need. When Himself moved an Xbox into my flat, it was clear I needed to get with the times and try it and that meant stepping out my comfort zone.

It’s a similar thing to what I mentioned in It’s okay to say what you want, by staying in our comfort zones we sometimes miss out. Yes it’s scary sometimes and it might feel suffocating but every time you step out there, it gets that little bit easier.

So whether its a shop you need to visit or a conversation you’ve been needing to have. Now is the time. It doesn’t matter if it feels silly to you, or if everyone else seems to be able to do/understand it. Everyone has their little hurdles, that’s just life.

It’s okay to admit if you don’t understand something or if you’re just not sure how something works. No one can know everything. It doesn’t make you stupid or a bad person, it just means you’re learning something new.  Eventually you will understand it and you’ll be able to own it.

If you can’t do it, then that’s okay too. Work your way up. Once you’ve done it, it won’t be as scary anymore and each time will get easier. Like Himself said, as I announced I’d made it out the shop alive, albeit full of panic;

“but you did it. You can do it again now”

Now I’m off to move some wires and press some buttons. I will 100% not break this Xbox.


2018-01-11 19.37.11

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