I love my little flat, there are lots of things about it that make it one of my favourite places to be.  Including my slightly sloped walls that have plaster running along them in all sorts of striped patterns. Which are, albeit old fashioned, one of my favourite features.

One wall leans over my bed so its one of the first things I see when I wake up (whenever I don’t hit my head on it!) and I always like looking at it. However one night as I lay in bed, post anxiety attack, I was counting the stripes in an attempt to curve my nerves.

And suddenly I started to spot lots of flaws, cracks in the paint, flickers of plaster peeling off. In the two months I had been living there (two months?! where is time going!) I hadn’t noticed a single flaw on that wall, but yet there they were.

It got me thinking, that we are just like that wall. We have our cracks, our flaws. While we might not have peeling plaster, we still have parts of us that we feel or inadequate, things we wish we could do better.

Yet these flaws often go unnoticed by everyone else. Completely unseen.

We cover ourselves, we panic and try to hide our issues. Thinking that they make us less beautiful, less likely to be loved.

But when I spotted those flaws in that wall, I didn’t think anything of it, it was still a feature in my home. The things that we think define us are often missed by others.

We love flowers, but we don’t throw out the ones with a little less colour or misshaped petals, because we love them for what/who they are.

So next time you think there’s something that fades your beauty, take a deep breath and remember, those imperfections might seem huge to you, but to everyone else, they are minor – if they can see them at all.


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