Those little ways we say I love you.

My life changed the moment I realised that we say we love each other in so many little ways.

It may sound soft but it makes me feel so grateful every time I recognise it. Every time I hear someone do it, especially when I know they probably aren’t thinking about it.

We all want to be loved, it’s human nature and it’s bloody lovely.

But it’s not always about bunches of roses or giant gestures (although I LOVE those too), it’s about the little things, the things we often do without realising. Things like these:

  • Offering to make someone a cup of tea. Taking time out of your day just to do something for someone else.
  • The phrase that is filled with love – “let me know you are home safe”.
  • “Have you eaten today?”
  • Giving someone your jumper even when it’s really cold
  • Letting someone have the last of the nice food or first choice of the cakes even though you really want the one with the apples and cream.
  • Those ‘how are you, I’m just checking in’ kind of texts.
  • Those likes on that fierce selfie – I see you girl, you got this.
  • Cooking someone’s favourite food – even if you don’t really like it.
  • Getting extra chicken nuggets at the end of a night out to take home and share with your mum. Balanced by your mum waiting up to make you a brew and talk about the handsome boys you saw!

I love people watching, I’m fascinated by the way people act and behave. But one thing that always makes me grateful to be here is watching the way people show love.

Whether it’s my friends who always invited me in the office tea run, or my friend who schedules lunch with me just so we can laugh and ramble on. Whether it’s watching my team support each other on little issues or watching my Mum give up some of her seat on the couch so the dog can sleep.

The world can be a beautiful place and sometimes you might feel like you aren’t loved, maybe people aren’t shouting it from the rooftops. But I’m sure that they are showing you, it just might not be obvious.

So this year I’m going to try and look for those little ways and find some more ways of my own. I’m starting by sharing my Christmas chocolates, because what says love more than sharing chocolate?!

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