The term ‘best friend’ has always been a strange one. After all what makes one friend significantly better than another? How do you define it?

And more importantly, can you have more than one?

It took me a long time to realise it isn’t about the number of friends you have or about having a best friend. It’s about having friends who bring out the best in you.

I have friends who I work with, who I went to school with. Friends who I talk all things depression and friends who talk sex and boys.  Friends who I go the gym with and friends who show me cool art galleries or fun cocktail bars.

Friends I’ve know over 10 years and friends I’ve only known a few months. But none of it makes a difference, because they are all my friends.

You don’t need to label someone as your best friend if you don’t want too. You can have lots of friends or just a few. One person you tell all your secrets too or friends who know little bits of everything.

Life is short, so fill it with lovely people. People who make you laugh or hold you when you cry. You can learn something from everyone (even the friends you wish you hadn’t met!) and you may just find things you never knew you liked.

I always used to feel bad for having lots of friendship groups rather than just a best friend but now I can see that my friends are the best.

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