Lets talk about sadness.

Lets get one thing out the way first – sadness is a bitch.

I’m not talking about the ‘who ate the last biscuit’ kinda sad, or the ‘no one liked my fierce selfie’ kinda sad. I’m talking about that kind of sadness that eats you up and fills you as if it’s almost replaced the blood in your body.

As I’m writing this, I’m in a very sad place, there’s a lot of personal stuff going on and sadness is eating me up. But it’s not about me.

I wish I could say that this blog post held the cure to sadness, but sadly it doesn’t. (In hindsight, perhaps this blog is more a therapeutic thing for me, but hopefully it will help you too.) The main thing I want you to take from this, is that it happens to everyone and it does get better.

It’s a boring cliché but its true.

Everyone feels sad, in our house we call it ‘those dark cloud days’ when it feels like it’s hanging way over your head. And while I know it doesn’t always help, try to take peace from the fact that you’re not alone in feeling like this.

I want you to know that it will go and things will be okay. But more importantly than all of that, you are so much stronger than you think. You are incredible, for waking up everyday and putting your battle face on even when the sadness feels too much.

Never be afraid to speak about how you feel, it’s valid and it’s real. You are bigger than your dark cloud.

A few weeks ago I had to give up for a bit and get back in bed and if that’s what you need to do then that’s okay. Accept that that’s how you feel and ride it out. I find getting out into nature helps or reading a book to distract me. But you’ll find what works for you.

Things will be okay & you will be okay.

I promise.



*Picture from pinterest*


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