A – Z of my Anxiety (Part 1)

One of the (many) problems of Anxiety is that it’s different for everyone, which makes it hard to describe but here’s my guide. So settle in, because it’s a two parter!

Here’s part 1 of my A-Z of my anxiety, I’m sure some if not all might just be familiar!


A – Anxiety. Lets be honest, I was always going to start with that! It’s an emotion but it’s also a mental health condition. Defined by the NHS as “a feeling of unease, such as worry or fear, that can be mild or severe”. I’m guessing by the fact you’re reading this, you already know about it.


B – Bloating. Oh lord how I hate bloating. Sometimes my body seems to know I’m anxious before I do. Yet my only defence mechanism seems to be to bloat to almost double my size. I’ve no idea why. Surely if anything, that’s only going to be a hindrance when I can’t fit into any of my clothes whilst trying to make my escape.


C – Calm down. Those magical two words, that people seem to rely on, especially when you’re angry. Oddly, when you tell me to calm down – it only reiterates that I can’t CALM DOWN.


D – Disaster. Because my brain works on a routine that a HUGE disaster is JUST around the corner at ALL times. But hey, I’ll just calm down right?


E – Eating. Anxiety affect everyone differently. Some people feel so sick they can’t eat. For me, good lord can I eat. Snack, snack, snack. I have to keep my blood sugar up and happy so I don’t feel too anxious. So I’m always tracking what I eat and when. In fact, I might stop writing to go get something to eat….

Okay I’m back, where were we? Oh yes!


F – Friends. I wrote a post about friendship here but I had to mention them again. My mates have been amazing in supporting me. Whether it’s a quick text, a cuddle in work or just a dog meme every so often. Surround yourself with bloody good people, who make you laugh so much you spit tea everywhere.


G – Good days. Because it does get easier. And sometimes the light shines down and the clouds disappear. Trust me. It might not feel like it, when you feel like you’re sinking, but I promise good days are just around the corner (unlike disasters, which are pretty rare tbh)


H – Home. Oh how I LOVE being at home. Home is my safe space, home is where it can’t hurt me that bad. More importantly home is where my dressing gown is and we all know dressing gowns fix everything.


I – Imagination. I’ve been blessed (or cursed) with a pretty good imagination. But boy does it run away with me. Got a cough? Probably the plague. Arm sore? Definitely falling off. Boss doesn’t say hello? PACK YOUR BAGS – YOUR FIRED.


J- Jelly. When I get an anxiety attack, my legs feel like they are made of the stuff. Suddenly I can’t work them and I can’t move. So I just gotta sit and wait it out. A nurse I recently met suggested a warm bath to get the blood vessels open again and feeling more like real legs again!


L – Lemons. ‘When life gives you lemons’ and all that blah blah blah. Having anxiety is like being served a huge batch of life’s lemons. But hey, you can’t make lemon meringue pie without lemons. So take your worries, give em a big shake up and make something new out of your fear.

I’m sure you could think of a million different words that fit, so feel free to tweet me or comment with some of the words that fit your anxiety and join me for part two next week!


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