A – Z of my Anxiety (Part 2)

Hey! Welcome back, so hopefully you read my earlier post (If not, you can find it and will no doubt have been waiting with baited breath for part 2! (Okay maybe not but a girl can try…) So let’s do this…


M – Madness. You might feel it, but trust me you aren’t going mad. I promise.


N – Nature. I feel SO much happier when I’m out and about in nature. So if it works for you, get out there. Feel the wind on your face, see the sunshine, crunch some leaves and jump in puddles. The world is bloody beautiful and you deserve to enjoy it.


O – Okay. I’m okay. Everything’s okay. Once when I was doing an important event at work, my manager came to say hello and before she’d even got to me I was shouting “I’M OKAY. IT’S ALL OKAY.” Sometimes you gotta fake it till you make it. Keep believing and trust me things will be okay.


P – Pringles. Man I love pringles. It’s not even really relevant but damn those things are good. And how can I feel anxious if I’m eating pringles. (Okay lets be honest, I can feel anxious doing pretty much ANYTHING)


Q – Quirky. My anxiety makes me a little quirky. But I’m not afraid of it and I don’t want to hide it. I’m the kinda girl who will dance in the middle of the office or attend meetings in fancy dress. Be who you are and love that person. They are amazing.


R – Recovery. Recovering from dips in mental health is hard, but it is possible. You will always have ups and downs but you can make it. Look after yourself and take your time. Little steps are just as important as the bigger ones.


S – Sleep. I wrote a blog post about it here. It’s literally my favourite thing in the world. I bloody love sleep and my anxiety is always much better after a good nights sleep.


T – Time out. Sometimes I just need to be on my own or to just be quiet for a bit. Give my body time to rest and my mind chance to process whatever’s happened during the day. It’s okay if you need a minute to hide away.


U – Upside down. Sometimes I don’t know if I’m coming or going. My mind plays tricks on me and I feel like everything I’ve worked on disappears. But I just work on my grounding and allow the time to pass and eventually I find myself back on my feet.


V – Victory. You got this. Damn right you do. Celebrate every little victory, whether it’s making your lunches for the day ahead or remembering to put on your moisturiser in the morning.


W – Work. It’s a HUGE part of my life. But it keeps me grounded and focused. Plus I’m damn proud of myself for everything I’ve achieved.


X – Xylophone. This stuff is hard. Plus everyone likes music, so?


Y – Yesterday. Anxiety is all about focusing on the future or worrying about past regrets. If you can pull yourself back into the present you can make life a little bit easier for yourself. It’s not easy but take your time and eventually you’ll get it.


Z – Zigzag. Nothing about this illness is straightforward. Sometimes you gotta make your own path. Find what works for you and power through. You are in control, your anxiety isn’t.

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