Good ol’ Nature.

I bloody love Nature. I mean, I always pretend I don’t, but there are few things that make me happier than pulling on my boots and getting out and about with the pup or heading to the woods with my friends for an adventure.

Don’t get me wrong – I am SO lazy. But when I’m out and I can feel the sun on my face or the leaves crunching beneath my feet, I feel so amazing!

There are so many links between being out in Nature and improvements in mental health and wellbeing. Including the ever growing support of Eco therapy, a form of treatment involving doing activities outside.

I’ve started growing things, from garden plants to a little chilli plant that I’m still waiting to see anything happen! Taking time to nurture these plants, watch them grow and seeing the way they make my space beautiful just makes me smile.

There’s something about getting out in the fresh air and reaping the benefits that make me feel better.

When I’m feeling down my legs feel like stone and if I’m panicking I just can’t feel them at all. So getting myself up and out can be pretty damn hard. So I try to motivate myself by planning picnics with friends, insta photoshoots in the forest or talking the pup out for a walk and I always feel better for it.

Mind have loads of great ideas that you can do to get yourself out in nature, which you can find here.

So while I’m slowly filling my house with plants and sitting out in the garden to watch the rabbits run around, have a think about what you can do to get out and about.

I’m always up for a sunshine picnic or a walk through the forest in muddy boot and you will always find me in the plant section of the shops. Nature is free and it’s all around us, so why not reap the benefits.

If you don’t feel up to it or brave enough to head out, start small. Invite your friends round and have a cup of tea in the garden. Don’t feel bad if you can’t climb the mountain straight away. Get some fresh air and feel the sun on your face. Jump in the puddles and remind yourself why it’s so good to be alive.


2017-07-17 22.04.49




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