3 time my anxiety was my super power!

It’s easy enough to feel like anxiety is only a negative. Very often I’ll find myself sat on my bathroom floor thinking that this might just be my life forever but if I really look at it, there are times when actually having anxiety is more of a super power than a curse.

So lets shake that negative stigma and look at the times, anxiety actually helped me…


When it comes to understanding.

There are few problems or feelings I can’t understand or empathise with. If I ain’t felt it myself, I’ve been able to support someone who has. Sometimes I worry that I feel things too much, but actually it’s incredibly helpful. I can better support my team at work, I can better support my friends. When you’ve felt this low, you never want anyone else to feel like that, so you work damn hard to cheer friends up, make people laugh and be there when people feel down.

Problem Solving

Girl there are very few problems I can’t overthink. But with all that overthinking power comes answers. SO many answers. It means I can often find a solution to most issues and I’ll find the easiest, most stress free way. Because god knows I’ve got enough stress already. I can’t do maths, but if you wanna know how to do EVERYTHING on your to do list I got ya.

When it comes to being brave

I’m pretty sure that if it wasn’t for that little niggle in the back of my head, I won’t be able to be as brave as I have been. Sure it’s hard and it’s always an uphill struggle, but I use my anxiety as motivation. It won’t hold me back and it won’t ruin my life. Yes some days I have to say no and stop, but every day that I get up and keep going I’m using my super powers and I’m doing the best I can.


Anxiety can feel like it’s always kicking your bum, but actually seize on what it’s giving you and how actually, maybe it’s helping. You are more than you’re anxiety but instead of feeling like it might never end, at least it’s made you who you are.

Of course, I’d rather not have anxiety but if I can’t fully get rid of it, then I wanna embrace the positives because I wanna love who I am. It’s made me a much kinder and considerate person. (When I’m not being grumpy!) It’s made me much more efficient and it’s made me seize the day, most days.

So next time I feel like I’m drowning in the negatives of it, I’m gonna focus on the qualities it’s brought me. You gotta embrace yourself, yes, even those messy bits. All the times you over think or worry, that’s just a part of you, it’s not all of you.


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