Stanley Villa Farm Glamping!

I was really lucky to be invited to join my friend and her family on a recent trip Glamping. It’s something I’ve always wanted to try, because despite loving the atmosphere of camping – burst blow up beds and leaking tents just don’t work for me. So I was really keen on the idea of something that meant I could still enjoy the atmosphere but bring a bit of normal life with me.

And I wasn’t disappointed!

Of course we’d accidentally picked to go on the hottest few weeks of the year, so I was a little apprehensive when we pulled up at how we’d manage in the heat. However it was just beyond beautiful, based on a large open field there were over 20 pods lined around the outside, each with plenty of space outside so you could set up your chairs/bbqs etc.

We we’re in pod 18 and it housed two single beds, space for camp beds and a couple of hooks to hang your bags/coats. Granted there wasn’t much room inside, but there was four of us (two adults and two under 3’s!) and we managed perfectly fine. The only real downside was that our windows wouldn’t open and on the hottest days of the year, we really could have done with cooling down the pod.

On the site was a lodge, which housed showers/toilets and a mini kitchen – all of which  was clean! There was also electricity to charge phones/dry your hair etc – there wasn’t any in the pods, so please be more prepared than us and bring portable chargers! Signal wasn’t great and there wasn’t wifi – which I completely understand, but if like me, not being able to reach people makes your anxiety spike then just be prepared! I found once I’d relaxed and settled in, I wasn’t too worried!

You were more than welcome to have a fire pit or a bbq, so we made the most of it and cooked tea on a disposable bbq, before sitting with our neighbours in the evening enjoying their fire pit and a shared bottle of wine.

It was a lovely atmosphere and felt very very safe – which with my anxiety is a huge thing but was also lovely to be able to let the little ones play. It was near to an ALDI, a Spar and a Starbucks so even if you’d forgotten something then you could easily reach it.

Finally, after enjoying a lovely afternoon in the sunshine playing out on the grass, we settled in the lodge for an hour, watching the sun set over the fishery. That experience definitely sold the whole camping idea to me…

2018-07-01 22.25.10.jpg

I’d definitely recommend it if you fancy getting an outdoor break but don’t want to sleep on the floor! We booked through Groupon, but you can find more out here;

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