I’m sorry I disappeared. Here’s why…

I would like to start by apologising for being off grid for the last 6 months or so. I’ve been rubbish and I knew it. But I’m back and I’ve got some post scheduled for the next few weeks or so, so hopefully you haven’t missed me too much.

I’d like to give you the short version of where I’ve been and why, if that’s okay with you.

6 months ago me and Himself parted ways. (That is the simple version) Perhaps he should be HisWas from now on.

I was then plagued with a batch of Labyrinthitis, food poisoning and a diagnosis of IBS. So my life has been somewhat chaotic as I tried to find my feet with everything that was happening.

I hit a low depression dip and threw myself in my work to try and cope with it all, meaning blogging and adventuring got left to one side. It’s been a horrible few months and the last thing I remember was a lot of snow, then I blinked and we were in a heatwave and now that’s disappeared too!

But now I’m here and I want to shake the dust off this blog and hopefully get people reading again. So thank you to everyone who waited for me, who supported me and looked after me.

Hello to any new readers (and all you guys who’ve stuck around!) I promise I’m not normally this boring! (I’ve used a recent picture of me, in case you’ve forgotten who I am!)

So here’s to the start of September, a brand new month and a brand new set of blogs – including some around my awful attempts to get back out and dating!

Thank you for joining me, lets see what the next few months will bring!


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