‘Everything I know about love’ – Dolly Alderton. Book review.

I have never written a book review before (and perhaps after this I never will again) so you can see that this book must have had an effect on me. I’m also sure that many people will have already written reviews about this book, but maybe you are yet to read it or haven’t even heard of it.

I found Dolly Alderton through one of my favourite Instagram accounts @superlativelylj (or as you may recall Laura Jane Williams the author of Ice Cream For Breakfast which inspired me to write this earlier post – Making everyday an occasion; Inspired by Laura Jane Williams) Laura spoke about this book and I knew I needed to buy it and see what it was about.

Given the heartbreak and upset I’ve recently been through it took me a while to ‘press play’ and actually start reading, but I was glad I did. Whilst I feel me and Dolly couldn’t be more different (she talks freely about her nights spent drinking and taking drugs, where as I’m more of a nachos and naps kinda girl) often I would find her words meaning a lot to me.

It is funny, heart warming and completely heartbreaking in parts, but it is a beautiful book. One which on the front you’d think would be off putting with it’s tales of drugs and depression but actually reminded me that everything happens to help shape who we become.

The way she talked about friendship, filled me with warmth and made me want to immediately go and cuddle all my best gals. I think that this book, won’t give you all the answers – which I know heartbroken me was searching for – but it will make you see that things might not always be as bad as you feel, that there is love in every little thing and that there is no shame in making mistakes or getting help.

I’d love to know if you’ve read the book, what your thoughts were, but until then, I’d like to leave you with this section;

I don’t need to cut all my hair off because a boy told me it would suit me. I don’t need to change my shape to make myself worthy of someone’s love. I don’t need any words or looks or comments from a man to believe I’m visible; to believe I’m here. I don’t need to run away from discomfort into a male eye line. That’s not where I come alive.

Because I am enough.

You can buy the book using my Amazon Associate link here!


  1. I’m pleased to hear you enjoyed the book even though it wasn’t very relatable for you. I read it recently and absolutely loved this book. What made it stand out for me was it’s ending (spoiler alert): she *doesn’t* get ‘the guy’. By the end of the book, Dolly Alderton is still single and owning it. Which book is next?

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