10 little things that make me unbelievably happy.

Anyone who know’s me, knows I’m one for big adventures and going full out. Wanna go a gig? I’ll be in full appropriate gear and glitter. Wanna rent an air bnb? Lets go all out and get the penthouse.

But it was upon a recent drive home (following spending an hour and a half on the same stretch of M6) that I realised just how much the little things make me happy too. So here are 10 little and very random, things that make me very happy indeed;

  1.  When you’re driving and you turn a corner to see an amazing view spread out in front of you. It makes me smile so bad. Like how amazing is the world.
  2. When it’s cold enough to wear your favourite hoody. As we speak I’m in my Calvin Klein hoody and pj pants and boy do I feel good. I hate being too hot and being too cold is just painful. But like the perfect bowl of porridge, this is just right.
  3. When you are swiping away on Bumble and you get that instant match. OH what a feeling. Please note – other dating apps are available.
  4. When you have been craving something all day and you finally get to eat it. I don’t even need to explain this one.
  5. Twirl bars. So if you ignore the old addage that chocolate fixes everything… I once ate a twirl bar in Australia and it was the worst thing I’ve ever tasted. So now when I eat one back here in England, I’m so grateful for how good they taste!
  6. Finishing a good book and putting it onto my shelf. Call me sad, but I store books that have meant a lot to me one a certain shelf so I can look back at them if I need it. Finishing a good book and proudly displaying it makes me feel happy indeed.
  7. Watching the Hairy Bikers cooking show. I don’t know what it is, but any time I feel down/anxious or if I just want to relax, I hunt out these shows and suddenly I’m more relaxed than a cuddled baby.
  8. When the group chat banter takes off. Aye as much as the millions of notifications drive me up the wall, theres nothing like the quick fire banter of a gals group chat when it all kicks off. Bring on the sass.
  9. Random last minute plans that make no sense. Like the time I killed a couple of hours walking round morrisons with one of my best gals, collecting reduced treats and talking about life. To this day, I’ve no idea why we didn’t go to my house to kill time instead, but I left with 10 items for less than £5 so I felt amazing.
  10. Watching Sunday Brunch. I have spent so many years working weekends, that whenever I get one off, I’m all about cosying up under a duvet with a brew watching Sunday Brunch. That’s when you know you’re off!

Other things that make me happy include; the morning after nights before when you sit with friends or family and discuss the nights events, cake for breakfast and sending hilarious gifs to my gals.

There are many little reasons to smile, you just gotta find them!

Let me know what little random things make you happy!

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