The best revenge is a life lived successfully. Well maybe?

Over the last 6 months, I have been incredibly grateful for the amount of support and advice I’ve been given to help me deal with the sheer heartbreak. However there was one piece which stuck with me and got me thinking.

A wise owl at work once said: The best revenge is a life lived successfully.

This advice rung through my ears like a church bell and no matter how much I tried it just would not go away.  I would lay awake at night wondering how I could ‘live successfully’ when in the least brutual way – my ex could not care less.  It didn’t matter that I had a great job or that I was working every hour god sent, fierce selfies would be uploaded and ultimately forgotten about.

With that, I would sink lower, thinking what terrible advice.

However the other night as I lay in bed, mentally debating yet another failed dating app attempt and wondering if he had seen the selfie I’d purposely uploaded, I realised.

The best revenge is a life lived happily.

It didn’t matter if they saw the fierce selfie or if they were blown away by my job or hardwork. All that mattered was that I was happy. I didn’t need to try and become more successful or flash my looks in the hope they’d see. I just needed to be happy.

I’d spent so long not being – it was about time.

So with that revelation, I deleted old flames from snapchat, ones I’d kept in an attempt to show off my successful life and hope it made them jealous. Selfies are designed to make you feel good about your self, not to be agonized over in case someone see’s them.

So get out there. Be happy. Dance in the garden, eat the cake and hang out with friends who make you roll your eyes and laugh. They lost out on you and you deserve to go on to be happier without them. Yes it takes time, but you will get there.

Plus revenge is best served with a great big smile on your face.


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