Walk in the sunshine.

Recently we’ve moved offices, which has meant a lot more walking to get to and from. I was incredibly nervous as given my last 6 months of ill health, walking anywhere makes me worried that I might feel sick or have a panic attack.

However I’ve started to try and change the way I view it. So as I’ve been walking back to the office from the canteen or a meeting, I’ve made a really conscious effort to ‘walk in the sunshine’.

To take a few steps left or right and feel the warmth of the sun on me as I walk.

I still struggle and some days I feel those dark clouds sinking around me, but I’m still trying. It really makes feel better, taking the active choice to seek out the happiness and the light.

So next time you’re out and you are walking anywhere, step into the sunshine, feel the warmth and let it lift your mood (even if only slightly).

Choose the nicer route, you deserve it.

It’s such a simple change but it can make such a big difference.

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