As I write this, I’ve just settled in for a big bowl of soup and I can feel Autumn setting in. It’s been a long day, which saw me trying not to cry at my desk before 9am.

But not long after my not so subtle breaking voice and wet eyes, my friend took my cup and made me a brew. His kindness warmed me more than the soup and helped me push through, when really I just wanted to go home.

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about kindness. How little gestures can mean so much.

I think back to times people have been kind to me;

  • When I was ill and was too dizzy to walk to the canteen, so my friend waited and helped me to make sure I was safe, despite using his lunch break to do so.
  • When I was feeling down, so my manager turned up with a little care package and some flowers.
  • When my friends tag me in supportive quotes and send me little messages to make my day.
  • When my friends come to visit and bring me Gluten Free treats, without me asking.
  • When my friends lend me their cardigans and blankets because I’m cold.

I am so incredibly lucky to be surrounded by such kind people and to experience their kindness every day.

I try my best to be as kind and helpful as I can, because those little gestures can really turn someone’s day around.

So please don’t stop being yourself and doing those kind little things. Because those moments when you put others first, make life beautiful. Kindness is so beautiful, it’s so warm and honest.

I can’t tell you how happy someone showing me some kindness makes me feel. Especially when I feel low or it’s unexpected. So next time you make a brew, offer to make someone else one. Bring in treats for the office just because it’s Wednesday. Smile and compliment the girl you work with.

Kindness. It’s like chicken soup for the soul.


*Picture from Pinterest

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