5 ways to make the most of a rubbish day.

We all have them and boy do they suck. Those days when everything feels wrong, food tastes rubbish, your brew goes wrong and the rain leaks into your shoes.

Some months I feel like it’s all I’m ever having, and today as I write this, it has definitely been one of those days.

So here are my 5 ways that I try to steal back a rubbish day and find a little bit of joy in it;

  1. Hit reset – Get home, clear the day. Wash your face, put on your comfiest clothes, cook a lovely meal and restart. Take off the negative with the clothes and makeup from that day and start again.
  2. Find a friend – When I crash face first into one of those days I send out and SOS to my girls who make me laugh or run to the nearby office for cuddles from my best work fam. Even if you spend your time moaning to each other about the day, find comfort in the fact you aren’t alone. When I feel down my friend sends me Beyoncé gifs to remind me who I truly am.
  3. Find 3 things to be grateful for – Even if it’s literally just that thank god today is over.
  4. Have a shower – Showers are the last thing I want to do when I feel down but I always feel better when I have one. Get the water cosy warm and embrace that hug like feeling. Wash away how you’ve felt and like that earlier reset button – start again.
  5. Read a book – Escape into someone else’s world, learn new things and let the rubbish day drift away.


I know it’s hard and some days are just complete write offs, but don’t give up, better days are coming. Plus – like the old saying says, you can’t enjoy the rainbow without a little rain.

Until then, I’m happy to listen to your rants and send you all the Beyoncé gifs to remind you just who you really are.

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