Look how far you’ve come.

After a lovely weekend spent with a good friend and lots of good food, I was ambling along on the long drive home. The sun was shining through the Autumn Leaves and I was singing loudly (badly) to Radio 1. As we pulled to a set of traffic lights, I took a few seconds to just take in what was going on around me and how beautiful it was.

It was in that moment that I thought how glad I was that I could ‘nip’ into Wales whenever I wanted, to visit friends and see the lovely sights. I realised that I couldn’t believe how far I had come.

From the same girl who wrote Driving Anxiety and hated getting into a car, never mind setting ‘foot’ on the motorway. To now ambling along to various sides of the country, including the 4 hour drive to Cardiff, all alone.

I had worked hard to free myself from those barriers and now I could spend time with my friends and now I regularly drive both into Wales and back home without a second thought.

It’s been an incredibly long year and my healing is far from over, but it’s nice to take a moment to look back and appreciate just how far you’ve come. The challenges you have faced and overcome, despite feeling like you wanted to run away.

So today, I’m enjoying a lazy day with the puppy and a brew in the sunshine. Because I have come a long way from being incredibly ill in 2016 and dealing with the traumas of 2018.

I’m proud of myself and I want you to feel proud of yourself, you are so brave and strong, you have completely got this. So next time you’re doing something that ‘the old you’ wouldn’t have done, take a moment to appreciate just how far you’ve come.

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