Stressed out – Skincare routine (part 2)

Hey! So a while back you might remember, I wrote my Stressed out – Skincare routine with some of the top products I’d found to help my skin during some of my worst anxiety times. Well now I’m back, with 3 more amazing products that have helped me through some tough skin troubles, especially since getting IBS! I figured as we approach Christmas and you’re looking to treat yourself (and look after that post party skin!) we might as well kick start December with some Skincare goodies!

So let’s get started with my absolute favourite…

Garnier Skin Active – Pure Active 3 in 1

It’s a scrub, a wash and a mask all in one, so you can use it for how best suits you. Personally I’d use it as a mask twice a week and it would clear my skin right up. It would dry up and excess oil and I could see a difference with blemishes pretty much the day after. Plus one small tube lasted me a good few months. It’s a definite must for me!

Witch Naturally Clear – Cleansing Toner

I am always up for something that makes life easier! Especially if I’m having a bad week. This handy bottle has quite literally saved my skin a few times. It’s super simple and all you need to do is wipe your skin with the lotion- no need to rinse! Takes a few seconds, but helps keep your skin clear, excess oil at bay and those pores clear. I can definitely see a difference in my skin when I use it.

And finally, The Body Shop Tea Tree – Anti-Imperfection Daily Solution

This is the most expensive on the list, but personally I think it’s been worth it. You just massage a few drops morning and night onto your skin and your done! I’ve definitely noticed a reduction in the redness of my skin and that my blemishes seem to be clearing up much quicker, especially after an anxiety spell. It’s worth having a look to see if this one might work for you.

So there we have it, 3 more products to help your skin, that have worked for me and mine. Anxiety and stress can have a terrible effect on our skin, so it’s always handy to have something at hand to give you that little confidence boost to help you face the day. Whilst I’m not a skin care expert, I’m definitely a worrier, so I know what helps fix my skin on those stressed out days.

Let me know if you try any of these, or if you’ve got any top tips for balancing good skin and stressful days!


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