When one door closes, leave it shut.

Boy oh boy do I wish I’d learnt this earlier.

I am a serial door opener. Like I will pull the damn thing off it’s hinges if it means I can try just one more time.

But last year and many online dating disaster later and I’m now a firm believer – when that door shuts, bloody leave it closed.

If people aren’t replying or aren’t showing any interest, let it go. If people aren’t giving you what you need, let it go. If someone ghosts you, wait two days then delete that number.

I spent many a day, sending texts to people who’d firmly shut the door in my face, but I just kept trying, hoping that maybe they’d just got it wrong. But even if they do come back, it isn’t what they wanted or it isn’t what you wanted really. Temporarily you feel better and then you remember exactly why things went wrong in the first place.

I know it isn’t easy, I know that some people/things feel worth the battle – and who knows maybe they are. But from my experience, once the doors shut, its done, whether you like it or not. You deserve way more than to be ignored or treated like you’re not worth someone’s time and effort.

If someone’s willing to walk away – let em’.

Someone who’s happy to send you ab photos but then won’t ask about your day, ain’t worth the time. Someone who refuses to meet up with you but still want’s you around – ain’t. worth. the. time.

Know your worth. And then add tax.  


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