5 things I’m going to stop being sorry for.

‘Sorry seems to be the hardest word’

Does it balls. I’m pretty sure if you broke me in half, I’d have the dreaded S word written through me like a stick of rock. So here’s 5 things I’m going to stop being sorry for ( I hope).

  1.  Having my blog page linked on my instagram. I’m convinced that guys from dating apps find my insta, spot my blog and run for the hills. So for a while I took it down, then realised that all I was doing was hiding a part of myself I should be proud of. If you don’t like that side of me, then it won’t work. So – I’m sorry not sorry.
  2. Crying. I am an absolute crier. When I’m happy, when I’m frustrated, when people share videos of soldiers I’ve never met coming home from a war I know nothing about. Eventually I’ve realised it really doesn’t matter, crying is super good for you and actually makes you feel better. So – I’m sorry not sorry.
  3. Binge reading books on feminism, love and learning. Because every day is a chance to learn and grow. I want to be the best person I can be and I want to understand what’s going on around me. Plus love stories are boss and you should never give up on it. So – I’m sorry not sorry.
  4. For texting that one boy I know I shouldn’t. I am Queen of ‘Do as I say and not as I do’. But at the end of the day, people make mistakes and people reach out to people they shouldn’t and the only person it affects is you. The world won’t end and you know deep down it’s wrong. Like my wise Mama always says ‘ You keep doing it until you can’t’. One day it just won’t feel the same and you’ll wonder why you even texted them in the first place. But until then – I’m sorry not sorry. 
  5. For deleting and re-downloading dating apps EVERY SINGLE DAY. Life is hard man. If you wanna check up on which hotties are checking you out then do it. If you don’t wanna let them in your space then delete that app. You do what makes you happy because as with every other point on this list – it affects no one but you and you should do what makes you happy.  So – I’m sorry not sorry.

Other things I should probably be sorry for but really really aint:

  • Swearing.
  • Going to bed at 8pm.
  • Eating that free cake (and that one and maybe that one)
  • Crisp butties – because carbs are friends not foe.
  • Having lazy nights on mini breaks – because hotels are ace.

But the biggest thing I’m going to try to stop being sorry for – though will 100% fail:

Is being sorry for being sorry.



*picture from Pinterest


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