Our Stop by Laura Jane Williams; Book Review

If you’ve been a follower of my blog (haha who do I think I am!) then you’ll know, I absolutely LOVE  the author Laura Jane Williams (like this past blog here!) And last month I took myself off to a Waterstones event, to collect her latest book and here her speak about her experiences as a writer. I was absolutely fascinated and so pleased to get my hands on her latest book, Our Stop. (Aff link)

I took it on holiday, intending to read it by the pool, but actually started in on my last day and finished on the plane home. I inhaled the whole book in less than 5 hours. Because – as predicted – it was amazing. 

The lightest rom com about a couple who’s paths always cross but they always just miss each other. I was sceptical at first, a year of failed online dating had left me much like one of the main characters, ABSOLUTELY OVER IT. But just like Nadia, I’m always hoping the next one is actually the one.

The book is a gentle love story that doesn’t make you feel sick with it’s gooeyness, but reminds you that it can be quite nice! It also taps into panic attacks, anxiety and generally feeling worn down by the constant search for love. I took great comfort, in what secretly felt like Laura had copied from my head. (Even down to the terrible ex Awful Ben) . 

As always, I highly recommend the book, whether you’re into love stories or just enjoy a distraction from every day life.

When I attended the Waterstones event, Laura told us all about her feelings when writing the book and talked about how she just wanted to create a romance (and a man) that fitted her wants/needs/ideas. I knew I would fall for the book the moment she said:

“The filthiest thing I could imagine…was a man who calls when he say’s he will”

And I’ll be amazed if you don’t fall for it too.

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