Little ways to make a difference during these weird times!

We are currently in one of the weirdest times I’ve ever been a part of and it can feel difficult to know where to even start. However we all know that the best way to get through this is by pulling together and being kind. So I thought I’d pull together a quick list of ways that you can help make a difference without even leaving your sofa –  easy right?

Love local.

Now more than ever our local businesses need our help to keep above ground. Of course spending money with local shops will make a huge difference but you can also support them without spending a penny. Think about liking a friends business on social media, maybe re post it or give them a shout out. Leave a review for an independent business who helped you post lock down and recommend them to your friends. Super easy and will make a huge difference to those around you.

If you can afford it then lots of local businesses are trying to keep going, so maybe consider them the next time you need something.

Micro Volunteer.

Volunteering is a little bit harder at the moment with every thing going on, however one super easy way to volunteer is ‘micro volunteering’, these can all be completed from home and don’t require any commitment or training. Check out these websites for some easy ways to help:


Make some space for nature.

If like me you’re suddenly so much more aware of your surroundings, you’ll know that spring is everywhere and the birds are loving a bit of quiet time without human distraction. So if you’re looking for ways to encourage more nature into your space or even just looking for a project to do with kids, I highly recommend this website for loads of fun ideas!

Wildlife Connections


Have a big charity shop clear out!

I realise that we are currently unable to get to charity shops but now you have the extra time on your hands why not consider sorting through all that extra stuff ready for when charities can open again and will need stock to boost their funds. Plus you might find some amazing bits that you can up-cycle or pass on to friends and family to wear.


So there’s a few little ways to make a difference all whilst staying at home, if you can think of any extras please pop them in the comments so we can all get involved!

( You can also find some ways to make a difference with my old post New Year – Here’s how to do your bit ).

And as always, stay home and stay safe x



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