Sustainable Choices; Period Products

We have all felt that guilt as we peel yet another plastic wrapper off a pad, that we really want to do something better, more sustainable but just how. For personal reasons sustainable tampons are just not my bag and neither are cups. So I was stumped, especially when I saw the jump in prices for sustainable pads.

But then I found Hey Girls the sustainable brand who sell a variety of sustainable products, including pads, cups and pants. I ordered a bundle of pants and fell crazy in love when they arrived. They made life so much easier and it don’t have feel good to know you’re doing your bit.

Don’t get me wrong, they are spenny compared to a 80p pack of pads! However, I’d say Hey Girls (HG) have been one of the cheapest that I’ve seen and (as if that wasn’t enough) for every item you buy from HG they donate one. So it definitely makes the price feel a lot kinder on the wallet when you know that for every purchase, you gift someone in need the comfort and dignity they deserve. Since launching in 2018, they’ve given over 11 million period products to communities across the UK.

Period Poverty is real and it’s horrendous for those having to go through it, so if you’re considering purchasing, I’d definitely recommend trying HG. But here are my top tips for those considering using reusable pants:

  • Size up! My first bundle were tighttttt, I felt pretty safe and happy but opening my next pair (which were two sizes up) was like getting a hug they were so damn comfy.
  • If you can afford it, buy a couple of pairs, that way you don’t have to worry about getting them washed and dried to change them in a hurry.

I am completely aware of my privilege in being able to use this option, but for those who are able to, I highly recommend it.

If just reading this has made you feel a bit ~ icky ~ then don’t worry, I get it! Here’s a few reccomendations on Period Positivity and how to make things feel a bit less bluergh:

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