It’s okay to feel afraid right now.

It has been a long and heavy week.

I wish I had a well articulated blog to share with you, filled with reasons why everything will be okay, but the truth is that I am scared too. So this blog is an extended virtual hug, to say you’re not alone right now.

Me and my partner had a long chat late into Saturday night, where I spoke about all the times my friends had experienced scary moments, the nasty comments that had been made to me and the many times I hadn’t felt safe. We spoke about the ways I’ve tried to keep myself safe and we spoke about how we intend to raise our children, ready to deal with the world around them.

I do not wish to have a debate, nor do I wish to explain the obvious to the lovely people reading this who have no doubt felt the same as me, if not had even scarier experiences. But I just want you to know that we are in this together, that no matter how overwhelming it feels, for every scary experience there are a hundred nicer more loving ones.

Take care of yourself during these times, get away from the news, talk to loved ones and do what ever you need to feel better. I bought myself some personal alarms and raised issues in my work place where I felt we could do things safer. If what feels better for you, is a long bath and a book, or zoom drinks with the girls, now is your time.

It’s okay to be afraid, these are dark and strange times, but you will be okay. I think we all will.

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