6 Incredible Women you should follow on Instagram!

Time’s are tough at the minute and we need all the empowering hopefulness we can get. I’m a great believer that you should curate your instagram as if it was a vision board and only fill it with accounts that make you happy and make you feel good. So to save you all the searching, I’ve pulled together the 6 top accounts making me feel great at the moment…


Beth has the most gorgeous instagram that makes me feel so happy every time I see it! She’s a soon to be Mama and her tips and insights jut fascinate me. She’s definitely a good one to follow if you’re interested in weddings, pregnancy and love a gorgeous photo or two.


If like me you’re a fan of Edinburgh and bloody good food, Alice is THE ONE. Not only is her interior designing absolute goals but she’s super friendly, engaging and pretty damn empowering. She’s started her own business, works as a vet nurse and kills it on the gram.


Sarah’s instagram is an absolute joy and always makes me smile. If you’re one for cute dog photos, gorgeous clothes and a general happiness boosting feeling that we are all in this together then definitely follow Sarah. Her and her photos are stunning!


The ultimate instagram for the pictures of the happiest baby in the world! Baby Arlo is just one of many highlights on Fiona’s page, amongst good recipes, funny stories and a gentle reminder that motherhood, whilst tough is one of the best choices she ever made.


For your vintage needs, for those days when you wanna kick Fast Fashion to the curb and generally those days when you want someone’s style to crush on – Lauren is the one. She’s the excellent writer of How to Break Up With Fast Fashion (blog post coming soon!) and is super down to earth and pretty damn cool.


Claire is a super inspiring coach who talks about all things Periods. She’s got all the knowledge and a pretty beautiful life over in Australia. Definitely one to follow to get to know yourself better, but also for a breath-taking reminder about the ocean as we sit in Lockdown.

It was pretty hard to narrow it down to just 6, so I’m pretty sure I’ll be writing another post very soon, but for now – check them out and let me know what you think! Who’s your Insta hero and who can you reccomend?

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