About Me

Hi, my names Jilly.

 So far I’ve had 25 years of making it up as I go along. I’m currently a Volunteer Co-ordinator and I’ve been fundraising and volunteering since I was 13 (including running my own charity for around 5 years).

I’m a pretend photographer (all about that instagram!) but I can never get a selfie right on the first attempt. I was a politician in a past life with 4 years as Member of Youth Parliament, and one of the first to sit on those green benches in the first ever youth debate.

Maths makes me want to cry and anxiety is my kryptonite, but I’ve been a survivor since 1994.

I fill my spare time with baking, going the gym, fashion, cocktails and generally exploring.

After all lifes an adventure – its just that mines a bit chaotic.



So thanks for joining me, take a sneaky peak at my posts and let me know what you think!