Relationships & Dating

When one door closes, leave it shut.

Boy oh boy do I wish I’d learnt this earlier. I am a serial door opener. Like I will pull the damn thing off it’s hinges if it means I can try just one more time. But last year and many online dating disaster later and I’m now a firm believer – when that door […]

Relationships & Stonewalling.

You may remember a long long time ago I wrote this piece; ‘Flooding’ – the scenario that might be taking over your arguments. about a term I had found and discovered which had definitely made me rethink a few things. Well after a tough 6 months, I’ve been taking time out to work on myself and […]

Those little ways we say I love you.

My life changed the moment I realised that we say we love each other in so many little ways. It may sound soft but it makes me feel so grateful every time I recognise it. Every time I hear someone do it, especially when I know they probably aren’t thinking about it. We all want […]


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